On the go access!

Now access your Ntuitive Nutrition Software from home or clinic! Never lose client data.

Easy to Use

The friendly interface can perform complex nutrient calculations with just a click.

Smart Data Capture

Online dietitian consultation with option to get information from clients via SMS.

Up-to date standards

Adhering to all standards laid by pioneer institutions in the field of Nutrition Data.

All information in one place

Get a modern nutrient analysis of upto 189 nutrients, not just 3 macronutrients!

Precise Analysis

Scientifically calculated nutrient values under various food categories for men, women and kids of all ages.

Food Database

Search a growing Indian & multi-country food database of over 8000+ multi-cuisine & culturally diverse food items.

Practice Management

Manage your client appointments, schedule & send sms reminders.

Diet plans

Save time and make nutritionally balance diet plans on Ntuitive Software.


We are happy to support and help you enhance your practice to next level with Ntuitive dietitian software, the best software for dietitians and nutritionists in India.


Client Management
Client Profile
Intake Calculator
Nutrient Analysis
Guideline Curation
Client Interface


Find a nutrition software plan that's just right for you. Below cost pack includes full access to the Ntuitive Dietitian software including practice management dashboard, recipe/ meal/ nutrient calculator & analysis, practice management, report & diet plan generation. Buy India’s best clinical nutrition software for dietitians and nutritionists now!

Trial Pack

3 months software subscription

Unlimited Consultations

Half Yearly Pack

6 months software subscription

Unlimited Consultations

Annual Pack

12 months software subscription

Unlimited Consultations

International Pack

12 months software subscription

Unlimited Consultations
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What is Ntuitive?

Ntuitive is all in one nutrition software tool for dietitians and nutritionists. It is one of the best software for dietitians and nutritionists in India.

How is Ntuitive useful in day to day practice?

Ntuitive is an overall practice management software for all the practicing dietitian and nutritionist. It helps not only to keep a record of their patients/clients, create diet plans, meal plan, manage appointments, in calculating nutritional values of recipes but also is quick and user-friendly.

Are the nutrient values used within the software authentic?

Yes. Ntuitive is Indian food database nutrition software that uses the data provided by the IFCT (Indian Food Composition Tables) and the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture).

Does the dietitian or nutritionist have to download Ntuitive?

Ntuitive, clinical nutrition software for dieticians and nutritionist need not be downloaded as it is a cloud-based software. You can access it from any laptop or desktop. Ntuitive is not supported on tabs and mobile phones. You will get a username and a log in password to use Ntuitive.

Where all can one use Ntuitive?

Ntuitive, the best practice management software in India can be used by nutritionists and dietitians who have their private practices. It can be used in hospitals for both OPD and IPD patients for nutrition analysis, creating diet plans or meal plans. It can be used for calculating the nutritional value of a recipe created by a dietitian or a nutritionist.

What are the nutrients that will be calculated?

Ntuitive is provided the most detailed and best nutrition analysis for 189 nutrients as per IFCT. For those nutrients whose RDA is available, Ntuitive also provided comparison with the RDA within the software.

If the dietitian or nutritionist discontinues the package for some time, will the data be lost?

Ntuitive is cloud-based nutrition software, which means that the data is stored forever. Once the subscription is over, the access to software and data is automatically stopped. At any time in future you can restart the package, the data will be restored again. This also means that their data is safe for longest period of time.

Can the nutritionist or dietitian maintain their own food database?

Ntuitive database is constantly updating with the latest Indian and international food items. In case of missing recipes, the dietitian or nutritionist can make their own recipe and save for future reference. Further, you can share this recipe with others or keep it within your login.

Will one lose custom recipe if a new recipe is added?

Dietitian or nutritionist can maintain as many customized recipes as they like without worrying about losing any version of the recipe.

Will others be able to see customized recipes?

No, the recipes you maintain are for your eyes only. Nobody else can access these unless you wish to share them with others. In such case you can click share with others button while saving the recipes.

Can nutritionist or dietitian maintain their own unique food database?

Yes, they can maintain their own food database. The feature 'My Recipe' becomes your food database. If they wish to share it with others, they can click on the 'Share' button.

While using Ntuitive is there any other tool a dietitian or nutritionist will need?

Ntuitive is an all in one software tool for dietitian or nutritionist to use in their practice. The software helps to manage appointments, save client/ patient profile, add recall, save other relevant information, analyse the nutrients, manage their diet plans, sharing analysis report and simplifying consultation by providing visuals for better understanding. Everything required for client/ patient management is stored in Ntuitive. Hence, no other tool is needed while using Ntuitive.